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How it works


Launch GoVida into your organisation and grab the attention of your employees with a positive wellbeing message.


Employees earn GoVida Points automatically from their daily wellbeing activities including attending GoVida Verified Venues through our “Check-In” function and by completing an accredited e-learning diploma in Mindfulness.

Reward and Charity

Your employees redeem GoVida Points in exchange for Rewards within our Reward Catalogue and benefit from discounts and promotions from our reward affiliates. Users can also help support their Company's Charities through positive wellbeing activities.


Promote your positive wellbeing message to your colleagues and view and analyse its impact on employee wellness and engagement within your employer portal.

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Why GoVida?

GoVida’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the working population. We provide employers and their teams with an innovative, engaging application that has real impact.

Our platform powerfully demonstrates to employees that “the boss really does care” by promoting positive wellbeing activities whilst rewarding them for doing so.

Engagement is the Key.
Over 70% of GoVida users are active on the platform everyday.

About Us

"GoVida is a great platform. It is very popular with our team and provides us with a fantastic way to support their wellbeing."

Mark Schweiger - Joint Managing Director Character World