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  • GoVida into your organisation and grab the attention of your team with a positive wellbeing message.
  • The GoVida platform is configured in-line with your wellbeing strategy.
  • Your colleagues download the GoVida app via Apple and Google Play Stores


  • Employees earn GoVida Points (GoVPs) automatically from their daily wellbeing activities such as attending GoVida Verified Venues through the app’s “Check-In” function.
  • Individual and Team Challenges provide fantastic actionable targets and drive employee engagement.
  • Leaderboards provide healthy competition amongst colleagues.
  • Charity – marry your CSR and employee wellbeing and engagement strategies through the charity fund raising feature.

Activity Tracked

Daily Steps and Distance is tracked and displayed.


Check-In and validate attendance at GoVida Verified Venues. With 1000s of venues verified ranging from Gyms and Yoga Studios to more mindful type venues such as Meditation Centres, Art and Foreign language classes.

Mental Wellbeing

Access Meditations and Mindfulness content designed to Reduce Anxiety, Build Resilience, Enhance Sleep, Improve Confidence and Aid Relaxation.

Earn GoVida Points

Users earn GoVPs from their daily physical and mental wellbeing activities including completing an accredited e-learning diploma in Mindfulness. See FAQs

Take Part in Challenges

Our GoVida Challenges with Progress Bars provide fantastic targets that engage users and inspire them to be more active.

Leaderboard and Team Challenges

Keep your team connected and engaged through the positive medium of wellbeing with our Team Challenges and Leaderboards.


Users are inspired to undertake positive wellbeing activities by earning money for their company charities – spreading awareness and increasing engagement in your charitable activities.


  • Create your own company’s Reward Catalogue within your GoVida Employer Portal.
  • Employees redeem their GoVPs for Rewards within your Reward Catalogue.
  • Benefit from discounts and offers from GoVida’s reward affiliates such as free cinema tickets, restaurant cards, fantastic discounts on hotel stays and much more.

Our reward partners include:


  • Create and promote a sustained positive wellbeing culture.
  • View and analyse your employee activity and engagement.
  • Raise money for company charities.
  • Promote your CSR initiatives.