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GoVida is an investment in people through technology

GoVida’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

“Sitting is the new smoking”

Employers are facing growing challenges around supporting the wellbeing of their number one assets, their people. The evolving nature of modern work with the negative health implications of sedentary living and the increase in awareness around mental health require a new approach to corporate wellbeing provision.

Rewarding Wellbeing

GoVida provides a digital, wellbeing solution scalable across the whole business. Our platform powerfully demonstrates to employees that “the boss really does care” by promoting positive, sustainable wellbeing activities and encouraging work life balance whilst rewarding them for doing so.

Our Story

The name GoVida combines the dynamic verb “Go” with the Spanish noun “Vida” meaning “Life”

GoVida – Go Life is our ethos

We believe that high wellbeing is crucial to live life to its fullest and to perform at your best. We create close partnerships with our clients and users based on understanding their challenges and provide the highest quality customer experience.

"GoVida is a great platform. It is very popular with our team and provides us with a fantastic way to support their wellbeing."

Mark Schweiger - Joint Managing Director Character World

Genesis of GoVida Concept

How do you motivate and support someone to look after their wellbeing?

The first requirement is to grab attention! Many businesses provide Corporate Wellbeing support to their employees but often these traditional approaches feel dated and adoption is low. Employees are missing the message and the return on investment is not there.

“39% of UK adults (20 million people) do not undertake the required weekly amount of physical activity recommended by the government for health.”
British Heart Foundation – 2017

GoVida offers a fresh approach. To serve the demands of current and future generations of employees we provide an exciting, positive user experience that captures their attention whilst promoting wellness.

90% of GoVida Users are active on the platform multiple times per week.

Carrot or Stick?

Three ways have been shown to increase physical activity and create positive changes in wellbeing behaviour:

  • Personal Rewards and Incentives
  • Competition amongst Peers
  • Charity Fund Raising

GoVida utilises all of these approaches maximising the positive wellbeing impact.

“An analysis of 34 individual studies found that personal incentives were effective in changing people’s health behaviour.”
University of Sheffield – 2015

By offering employees rewards in recognition for their wellbeing activities an employer can have a hugely positive effect on the health and wellness of each individual they employ and at the same time boost their business’s productivity and success.

Our reward partners include: